Testimonials & Endorsements

Here’s what health and patient advocates, navigators and other care professionals have to say about APHA’s Business and Marketing Workshops:


  • Great workshop! A lot to think about. Very personal. Amazing content.
    Louise (Newark)

  • This experience has been life-changing! It was a terrific experience and I have benefited in many ways. I pray I can stop thinking and move forward with the start of a patient advocacy business. I really feel like I now have the tangible things I need to begin.
    Anne (Chicago)

  • Appreciated the opportunity to network with others who share the same interests.
    Lisa (San Francisco)

  • We are ready to accept clients now. This workshop has helped us fine tune things. I feel very empowered and confident that this new business will be successful.
    Don (Chicago)

  • The information was concrete and relevant to my business.
    Anon (Philadelphia)

  • Lots of good information. Helped me focus on the business concerns and topics.
    Anon (Newark)

  • Thanks for helping me “think big.” I can do this and have it be more than I have ever thought about before.
    Kris (Chicago)

  • Completely practical, reliable information as well as providing network opportunities.  Thanks so much. I learned a lot!
      Sally (Los Angeles)

  • The workshop was packed with valuable information and presented in an interesting manner, with specific examples.
    Ilene (Newark)

  • Very confidence building! We are more qualified than we thought! I was also surprised to learn how much more we can charge for our services and why clients will be willing to pay that much.
    Cindy (Chicago)

  • Practical, grounded, real things we can use.
    Rick (Philadelphia)

  • I had no idea where to start but now I have learned the cornerstones for building an advocacy business. I’m aware of where my holes of knowledge are and what it takes to improve my chances of success
    Tanya (Philadelphia)