Prepare for Your
APHA Business & Marketing Workshops

It won’t be long now before we’ll meet in San Diego!

Here are some of the details you’ll need to prepare.

The workshops will be held at the:

Holiday Inn Bayside

4875 N Harbor Dr • San Diego, California 92106

Hotel Website

If you will be flying in to SAN, there is a free shuttle to the hotel from the airport. Once you’ve retrieved your luggage, call the hotel at (619)224-3621 to request the shuttle.



  • Friday: Registration at 12:30, Workshop begins by 1 PM and runs through 5 PM (includes mid-afternoon snack and networking)
  • Saturday: Breakfast at 7:30 AM, Workshop begins by 8 AM and runs through 4 PM (includes lunch, morning and afternoon snacks)


We’ll provide for you most materials needed to maximize your value from our time together:

  • Copies of the presentations (provided as pdfs, downloadable after the workshops are complete)
  • Legal pads and pens for note taking
  • Handouts
  • SWAG (Don’t know what SWAG is? Ask us when you get there!)

Please bring with you:

  1. Your textbook(s). Important! It will be easy to mix them up because they will all look alike, so please put your name on the cover, maybe even on the edges. You might just tape your business card to the cover. Whatever you can do to make it “yours” so the notes you take inside won’t go home with someone else.
  2. Business cards – a dozen or more. You’ll be giving 3 of them to us (they’ll be returned to you – you’ll really like them when we’re finished with them! – but you won’t be able to give them to someone else). You’ll want to use the others for networking with other attendees.
  3. Your own introduction. First thing in the morning you’ll be asked to introduce yourself in less than 2 minutes. We want to know:
    • your name
    • where you live and work
    • your business name (if you know it)
    • what kind of services you provide
    • what you are hoping to learn over the next day or two of workshops


Details of the Day

  • Dress Code: Be comfortable! We’ll have two long days of work and there’s no sense in getting dressed up. I’ll be dressed in slacks and a blouse or nice shirt. If you tend to get chilly, bring a sweater. We keep the room cool.
  • Computers? No requirement for a computer unless that’s how you like to take notes. We do not know if there will be internet access in our classroom; it will not be needed for the workshops. We will ask you to turn off your cellphones.
  • Bring your appetite! We’ll have lots of good food both days:
    • Friday – an afternoon snack
    • Saturday – light breakfast, morning break, yummy lunch, afternoon snack. Speaking of appetites…
  • Friday dinner: This has been a FUN time with GREAT networking in every city where we have hosted workshops. See more information above. We hope you’ll join us!

(Please note: Trisha will be traveling, driving from New York to Orlando, beginning Tuesday, Feb 2nd, so she may be more difficult to reach. Be patient. She’ll get back to you as soon as she can.)