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Linda and Trisha will share their knowledge and expertise, individually and together, throughout the sessions. They’ll tag team, they’ll collaborate, and sometimes they’ll even disagree!  You’ll come away more knowledgeable and entertained, too.

Linda Adler,
Client Service & Business Insider

Linda is an experienced advocate who has successfully helped numerous clients navigate their medical challenges. With many years of professional experience in the medical field, she developed her advocacy business with an insider’s understanding of the system challenges and the barriers to optimal patient care. She now shares her expertise to help new advocates create successful businesses where both clients and advocates thrive.

As a teacher for the Professional Program in Health Advocacy at the UC Berkeley Extension program, and the Tech & Tools Advisor for The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, Linda also maintains a lively private practice mentoring and coaching new advocates.

Trisha Torrey,
Business & Marketing Insider

With more than 30 years of helping hundreds of small businesses grow and thrive, and in her ninth year of building The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, Trisha has taught hundreds of advocates the business basics they need to start and grow their practices. Trisha may be best known as the author of the Health Advocate Career Series, four books that help independent advocates thrive in business. She’s also known for her blog, which tackles issues and offers advice to independent advocates.

In this her fifth year teaching APHA Workshops, Trisha enjoys meeting “her” advocates while participating in their journeys toward success.

We look forward to meeting and working with you, too!

Your confidence will soar. Your practice will thrive!

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